Best quality directly from the carpenter

Ramps for robot vacuum cleaners

Door thresholds and steps are often insurmountable obstacles for robotic vacuum cleaners. Our ramps adapt perfectly to your home and clear the way.

Threshold ramps

for vacuum robots made of solid wood

up to 10 cm height


Step ramps

for robot vacuum cleaners made of wood

up to 30 cm height

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More Information
Do you know the problem

Your robot vacuum can't get into the kitchen?

No more annoying moving of your robot vacuum. We offer you customised solutions made of solid wood in the best, long-lasting quality. Customised cut-outs for skirting boards, door frames or other obstacles are easily possible.

How we work

High quality and sustainable

Our products are manufactured entirely in a German master carpentry workshop in Bavaria. We attach great importance to the highest quality and manufacture each product individually by hand according to customer dimensions. We combine the highest level of craftsmanship with the precision of the latest manufacturing technologies. We work sustainably and do not use plastic at all.

Our wood types

Certified solid wood

We only use high-quality, certified solid wood from sustainable cultivation for our door threshold ramps. You can choose from the following types of wood:

Oak, spruce, beech, beech tree

Threshold ramps for wheelchairs and rollators

Ramps for accessibility

Are you looking for a ramp for your wheelchair or rollator? You can find our matching solid wood door threshold ramps on our sister site

High-quality and customised directly from the carpenter

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